Thaddeus Harden – Thaddeus Harden Photography

Today we interview Thaddeus Harden! Tell us about your business, Thaddeus!


Business Name – Thaddeus Harden Photography

Business Objective/Goals – Create masterpiece portraits both commercial and personal for all my clients

Business Phone – 646-256-8853

Business Email –

Business Website –

Social Media Pages:

How long have you lived/worked in the area?
Since April 2014

Life Story: Short version of where you’re originally from, where you grew up, other places/states/countries you’ve lived in, and what led you to this career.
Navy Brat, moved every 3 yrs. Greece, Japan, around the US. 27 Years in NYC, shooting Chefs, CEOs, Celebrities…. Family needs brought me here.

What was your biggest challenge when starting this career?
Making $$$, and growing the business, while still taking care of responsibilities.

What is the hardest and the best part of your work?
Fav: Producing excellent results, wowing clients, winning awards. Hardest: book keeping

Who is your ideal customer/client?
Whether commercial or personal, one that understands and values how “image” may influence their own and other’s perceptions. One that knows how to use their “image” to their best.

What’s your favorite thing in the area? To-do, restaurants, places?
Keller’s Bear Creek Park path is awesome. I take 2.6 mile walks frequently on it, bike, jog, relax. It is beautiful. 100% love it.

What do you see/What would you like to see in the future for the area?
No more masks and covid in the rear mirror

If we come across each other in the town, where would we be and what would you be doing?
Del Frisco enjoying a steak. Bear Creek Park path, enjoying the beauty.

What’s something about you that would surprise most people?
I also own Keller’s Cozy Day Spa with my wife. Great spa with superb massages, high-end facials and powder or acrylic mani-pedis. All 5 star…

If you could advise yourself back when you were 20, what would you say?
Stay focused. Engage your community. Give thanks everyday to the abundance of good in your life. It will keep you positive in the most grinding moments.