If you’re anything like me, you’ve already been on lock-down long enough to start questioning your own sanity, and the sanity of others in your household. I am a practitioner of occasional retail therapy when my 78 year old roommate (Mom) engages me in crazy-making, and I’m telling you – thank goodness this isn’t 1918, when there was no Amazon. My goodness, how did they cope???

Please check out the list below to see my 10 Things I Bought on Amazon That Made Self-Isolation at Home More Bearable. It’s a hodge-podge of items that made me smile, made me and the roomie comfortable, and helped me accomplish things. Being both productive and caring for oneself makes a huge difference in attitude while we wait out the ‘Rona.
Please note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Leopard Mocs

Have you ever heard the saying, treat yourself? After two weeks of working from home in my pathetic fuzzy slippers, I began to feel like a bit of a slob.  It happened that my slippers had goofy eyeballs, and they kept glaring, reminding me it was time for a change. So I wore them for a couple of days more, just saying goodbye; while I waited for these awesome little moccasins. I bought the leopard print because – well, it’s leopard print. These mocs feel natural for work at the house, and practical for short trips to the mailbox or to walk the dog. The rubber soles massage your feet and give traction across slick floors. They made me feel dressed appropriately even when I dress down in my pajamas. #socialdistancing #workfromhome #treatyourself #selfcare


Bird Feeder

Things are especially hard for our elderly right now. There are a lot of pictures on social media depicting people visiting their elderly loved ones through the glass. Gifts can be so encouraging during times of trouble. Cards and candies are natural. But bird feeders are a good idea too. Birds bring feelings of wonder and happiness for many people. There are a lot of options, but these window bird feeders are really clever. The perch that the birds sit on is padded and encourages birds to stay longer, which I thought was extremely thoughtful. The whole feeder is well constructed. The design discourages mold growth, has a divider tray so you can use two different kinds of bird feed, and it deters squirrels. #socialdistance #stayhealthy #alonetogether #stayinplace



Expandable Garden Hose

Yardwork is in! Subgroups of people are having a moment during this social isolation period, and their #garden has never looked so good, as well as many cars sparkling from a recent wash. Why did this particular item make the list? The other day I took advantage of the good weather and decided to pick up a shovel. I got a good amount done, it felt great! But lugging my worn out old hose was exhausting. So I replaced it with an expandable garden hose. It is lightweight, and expands from 17 feet to 50 feet. I may not have worked out as hard as before, but now I have the energy and time to water my neighbor’s flowers too. #happyplace #gardening #gardenideas


Coffee Mug Warmer

If you haven’t figured it out already, working from home during all this #socialdistancing comes with its unique distractions. I was finding myself getting up from my work station to complete one task, and then get derailed by what was happening in the rest of the house. The biggest culprit was walking away from my desk, reheating my cold coffee. It was like crossing the wilderness (well, a flight of stairs, anyway) from my desk to the microwave. So since coffee and caffeine are necessary for my job production, I ordered a mug warmer for my at home office. It does the trick, and I get more work done. #Ilovecoffeeee



Rapid Lash

I usually wear a lot of mascara… #makeupaddict. But since we are all stuck in #socialisolation lately, I thought now would be a good time to give all the products a break and do some natural growth. Who is wearing a ton of make-up these days? No one. So I ordered Rapid Lash to help grow my natural eyelashes. The serum is Paraben free, and cruelty free. It takes about two to three weeks to start seeing results, but they are worth it. What else are you doing?  #beauty



Emergency Radio/Flashlight

I wasn’t going to go through my first ever pandemic without thinking the ‘go-bag’ for emergency evacuations needed to be re-assessed. One staple I lacked was a good multi-function radio. You never know, a strong broadcast could mean everything. I needed one that didn’t require batteries and was easy to recharge. What if there’s no power? So I found a compact radio that had everything I needed, including the ability the charge a cell phone, and a weather advisory setting. You can hand-crank it, or set it in the sun for a solar charge. This thing is incredible. Plus, when we aren’t all looking at our ‘go-bag’ situation, it will be great for camping and hiking…. something I look forward to when we all get through this craziness.



Stack a Shoe

So, like many people, I clean when #stressedout or #boredathome. How many closets have I cleaned and re-organized by now? The answer is all of them. I used Stack a Shoe to organize the mountain of shoes I own, and it worked great! I can now fit twice as many pairs in the same space. They did not work great for high heeled platform shoes, but fantastic for everything with a heel under 3.75in. You can buy these space savers in a pack of 6 or 10. #iloveshoes


Double Hang Closet Organizer

I already mentioned I organized every closet in the house. It was an event, to say the least, and full of fun surprises. The double hanging, #stylish, closet organizer added to the fun. You get twice as much space in your closet to store more of your favorite clothes. You can adjust its height, too making it a perfect addition to a child’s closet to encourage their inner #fashionista.


The Furminator

Spending a lot more time with my loveable German Shepherd has inspired me to better care for her shedding. I needed something good for large fur kids with thick hair and it needed to really be a workhorse. This excellent brush actually removes loose fur from your dog’s undercoat. Unlike some other brushes out there, the Furminator will not cut your dog’s skin or damage their pretty topcoat. As a bonus, it gives you something to do when you’re bored. #dogmom



It is more important now than ever to be conscious of the time you spend in public. If you have to go out, it is responsible taking precautions for yourself and others. Instead of using precious medical equipment that our front-liners need, I tried my hand at a #DIY face mask. (see the video I shared on Facebook) Now when I absolutely must go into public, I know I’ve done all I can to flatten the curve. And it doesn’t hurt to be patriotic at the same time. #flattenthecurve #bettertogether




Please note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.