Kelly Hale – Legacy Physical Therapy and Wellness

Today we interview Kelly Hale! Tell us about your business, Kelly!


Business Name – Legacy Physical Therapy and Wellness

Business Objective/Goals – We want to become a healthcare provider that is known for understanding and listening to clients in order to provide specific one on one care. Also, we want to be a place that people feel comfortable and confident knowing they will get the care they deserve.

Business Phone – 254-855-3156

Business Email –

Business Website –

Business Social Media Pages –

How long have you lived/worked in the area?

My husband and I lived in Roanoke for several years prior to opening Legacy. We started our business recently which is opened in March of 2020!

Life Story: Short version of where you’re originally from, where you grew up, other places/states/countries you’ve lived in, and what led you to this career.

I grew up in Waco Texas and went to undergrad at Midwestern State where I played softball.  I went to PT school at UNT Health Science Center in downtown Fort Worth. Josh and I got married in July of 2016 and moved into the Watermark apartments in Roanoke. Josh and I have two dogs, Sam and Bear. And we spend most of our free time with family and friends, or watching Dallas Cowboys. We love this area and have gotten involved with our church, Milestone, and I love the Roanoke rec volleyball leagues.

What was your biggest challenge when starting this career?

Getting through PT school was a challenge, but I actually loved every minute of it!


What is the hardest and the best part of your work?

My favorite part is being able to talk with people/clients and decide what they truly need, not based on what their insurance may or may not cover. The hardest part of my work is getting my name ‘out there’, I’m not much of a salesman! I feel like a middle school kid asking adults to buy my wrapping paper!

If you could advise yourself back when you were 20, what would you say?

My advice to 20 year old Kelley would be to take your time.  I feel like for my whole life I have been very goal oriented, which is good.  However, I was always so focused on goals that I didn’t take my time to enjoy the season I was in.

Who is your ideal customer/client?

Our ideal clients are people suffering from chronic pains and injuries and want a speedy recovery for long lasting relief and a healthy lifestyle.

What’s your favorite thing in the area? To-do, restaurants, places?

My favorite ones are the Restaurants! And the people are all so kind here, I feel like you still get some of that small town feel.

What do you see/What would you like to see in the future for the area?

I would like to see growth without losing the small town feeling!

If we come across each other in the town, where would we be and what would you be doing?

Hard 8 is a favorite for sure! We also spend time walking our dogs around the soccer fields by the Roanoke rec center.

What’s something about you that would surprise most people?

I played the Viola in middle school, I had a dream of playing the ‘fiddle’. It didn’t pan out as I thought.