Today we interview Lorraine Robles! Tell us about your business, Lorraine!


Business Name – Lorraine Robles- Life Skills Coach

Business Objective/Goals – I want to make a positive impact in people’s lives by helping them with personal growth.

Business Phone – 626-712-1379

Business Email –

Business Website –

Business Social Media Pages – 

How long have you lived/worked in the area?

I have been living and working in this area for the past 10 years.

Life Story: Short version of where you’re originally from, where you grew up, other places/states/countries you’ve lived in, and what led you to this career.

I was born and raised in Southern California. My husband and I made the difficult decision to leave our families and move to Texas in 2010, offering our 3 children better educational opportunities and quality of life. However, my roots on my dads’ side are from South Texas.

What was your biggest challenge when starting this career?

I was comfortable with the fact that I can actually make a positive difference in someone’s life.

What is the hardest and the best part of your work?

The hardest part of my work was having people understand that a coach can’t fix them. Clients are responsible for their actions or lack of. And, the favorite part of my work is connecting with people from different cultures, industries and backgrounds. Gaining trust with my clients and being a part of someone’s journey

If you could advise yourself back when you were 20, what would you say?

I will say to myself – “Use past experiences as a learning opportunity and learn to let go of things that don’t matter.”

Who is your ideal customer/client?

My ideal customers are parents & young adults who are struggling with time & energy management.

What’s your favorite thing in the area? To-do, restaurants, places?

My favorite thing in the area is:

  1. Family orientated 
  2. Polite people 
  3. Good Schools
  4. Clean neighborhoods

Also, there are so many new restaurants to choose from. 

What do you see/What would you like to see in the future for the area?

I would like to see home cooked and authentic Mexican food.

If we come across each other in the town, where would we be and what would you be doing?

I might be having lunch and a drink with my husband while the kids are in school or if you see me on the weekend, it would be at my boys baseball game(s).

What’s something about you that would surprise most people?

Well, to some people the most surprising thing is that I love watching Mafia movies. My daughter says that I used to be a mafia wife in my past life. I’m always self-educating by reading/ learning about how our minds and thoughts work. I’m fearful of heights and dread some of the highway overpasses in the DFW area. Also, I’m a member of the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas.